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Welcome To Mind Works


Our Mission Statement. Mind Work’s goals, as a non-profit parent organization for Governor Thomas Johnson High School’s US FIRST TEAM #5841, The Patriots, are to provide our students with the ability to complete the 12-Step Informed Engineering Design Process.  Most public school technology programs take the CTE students from identifying the engineering problem through designing and constructing the prototype.  Our main focus is to provide students with affordable competitive events where they will be able to test their finished prototypes in head-to-head competition, finishing the engineering process at the step twelve test/refinement stage.  Our activities are developed for students enrolled in middle and high school programs.

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Rules and Regulations


Interested In Drones?
Here you can compete in live events, win awesome prizes, and most importantly have fun!

Click below for all the rules and regulations that you NEED to follow

Register for awesome drone races!


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Coming Soon

Coming Soon! Robot in Sand : Discover and Uncover Treasure

Fun Quiz

If your interested in technology, and you like a little challenge, please feel free to check out this little quiz and have fun.

The best score, and the fastest time will be initiated. The winning consists of tickets to the Nov. 23rd event, and a special golden Mind Works Prize.


Ask below and we will answer ASAP!

Let us know.

We are not a one time show. We will continue to produce events and make the most out of everything we do. BUT if you have any ideas at all, please let us know and we will review and take a vote among our representatives to include the idea in the next amazing event. Your ideas and reviews let us know how we are doing, your feedback drives and steers us in the right direction. Thank you for your ideas, and effort to keep this company running.

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