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 2020 Calendar

Robotics/Drone Squad


Due to Covid-19 and other factors we have decided that any Mind Works Technology Fairs and other events will be indefinitely postponed. 



Request to Update Mind Works Data Base

Hey everybody. Your friendly technology Game Announcer would like request that, before your first race, you all have someone update your team information in the MindWorks database online ASAP.


What to include in the data base.

  • Team Name (including phonetical spelling if needed)

  • Team organization (e.g. Way Cool High School)

  • Team Sponsors - Please put them in priority with your most important first

  • Quad Copter, Adviser Name

We *try* to update our notes for each event, but they draw from the MindWorks database initially. If your information is incorrect there, we will be announcing the wrong information.  

Please insert all of this information in the *type your message here* field, THANKS!!

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

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