Heroes Needed

You can make a kids' dream come true. Kids need awesome sponsors to help them afford drones and registration. Registration prices can be found here. Drone rentals are $5, for all three races. For the whole package you pay only $15. You are eligible to sponsor how ever many students you would like.

Don't worry sponsors, we are not done with you yet! You get something too! Your donation entitles you a thank you letter from your student, with a photo of them in the competitions, flying their drone.

View the list of sponsors and the students sponsored here!

If interested in sponsorship, please email us at wmwcorporation@gmail.com. Please list a phone number or email address for us to reach you, for our upcoming May 4th event!


Phone Line is Active 8am-5pm EST

Monday - Friday

Frederick, Maryland 21701

P.O. Box 1330

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