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Rules and Regulations

In order to compete in the events, you MUST follow our list of guide lines

1. Fly only in the stadium, NO FLYING IN THE PARKING LOT

2. No flying over 300 ft.

3. Do not fly over, near or under people

4. Follow the Frederick County Community Guidelines


5. Give notice to airport  1 hour before event

6. Don't fly 30 minutes before sunrise, and/or 30 minutes after sunset

7. Always keep quad copter within sight

8. No flying recklessly, or with attempt to cause injury to other quad copters, unmanned flying vehicles, or pilots.

9. Irresponsible behavior will cause DISQUALIFICATION from races and Technology Fair

More Rules From The FAA Below

Please review the link below, and cooperate with these guidelines, if you don't comply you won't fly.

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